The main text is two days later. The final battle of the qualifiers for the Holy Grail Slot Games of Magor Academy has officially begun. This time, the competition attracted the attention of many people near the third ring tower. After all, it was the time for new students to register, and many nobles from the south were hanging around. And Marvin’s previous killings at Magor College and what happened in the Arbitration Hall after that have all been spread around the three-ring tower. Hearing that Marvin was going to participate in the competition with his younger brother in the name of a follower, everyone immediately became interested. In the White River Valley, with an unfamiliar name, in a small place under the town of Liverpool, there is such a pair of brothers? This is something most people don’t think of. For this reason they are particularly curious. The appearance of Lord Hathaway also put a veil of mystery on Marvin. This little baron seems to have a lot of background. Instead, it was their opponent, Master White of the Unicorn family, who made it to the final qualifying round, which was no surprise. It’s just that in this game, most of them are still optimistic about White’s victory. After all, this is a duel between wizards, and one Marvin can’t change anything. In the Evolution game, it is said that Marvin’s younger brother, the kid named Pooh, has a very good talent, but he has just recovered from the curse, and his spellcasting ability is almost zero. In this 22Bet game, he definitely couldn’t do more with less effort, maybe it would become a burden instead. Under such circumstances, he still insisted on participating in the competition, which undoubtedly puzzled many people. But most of the people are here to watch the excitement. They would like to see Leap, the Baron Marvin who just appeared in the sight of everyone in the third-ring tower but has repeatedly surprised everyone, this time he can create again.

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