Even though Caixia Dansheng and other well-known titled Dansheng couldn’t take the first place in the competition that day, it didn’t affect their reputation. At this time, Caixia Dansheng appeared, and it can be seen that real madrid can attract so many people . Chen Xiang mixed in the crowd, and was also patiently waiting for the appearance of Caixia Dansheng, who would have thought that the one who suddenly came out was a beautiful chelsa girl, she told everyone that it was inconvenient for Caixia Dansheng to make alchemy outside. This made everyone very disappointed. After waiting for so long, there was such a result. When everyone sighed in disappointment, the girl said again: “Although the Caixia Dansheng can’t make alchemy outside, he can do it inside. The hall in our store is not small, as long as you don’t make a lot of noise in the poker, you can go in and watch Caixia Dansheng alchemy.” This is the site of the Goddess Hall, whoever dares to make a big fuss about flashscore in it will definitely not have good results After eating, everyone lined up in an orderly manner to enter the lobby inside the store. Chen Xiang naturally followed into Betting, he and thousands of people came to the hall, it was really very big, even if there were thousands of people now, it didn’t feel crowded. This hall is divided into two parts, one side is very empty, the people who come in to watch alchemy are in this part, Leap, and the other side is separated by a transparent crystal wall, there are dozens of alchemists doing alchemy, among them There is Caixia Dansheng. Now everyone can see those alchemists doing alchemy with their eyes closed, but everyone’s eyes are focused on the Caixia Alchemy. “What kind of alchemy are they refining?” A man whispered: “Alchemists usually make alchemy in their own alchemy room, and gather together to refine alchemy.”

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