After Wang Baccarat Jinshi left the Demon Execution Temple, Chen Xiang also returned to Tai Qiang’s house, he felt that his flashscore would be much better there. Demon Slayer God City just closed the city gate, but it can still be teleported to other Great God City, Wang Jinshi can quickly complete what Chen Xiang asked. Chen Xiang entered the secret room, he had told Tai Qiang and Xiao Chou before, if he enters the secret room in the Premier League, if there is really nothing important, don’t come to disturb Paripesa. “Although the grade of this god furnace is very low, it is already very good for me. The betting is enough for me to use it for a while. When the immortals come up, I will ask them to help refine a better one.” Chen Xiang Make the alchemy furnace a lot bigger, and then take out the monster crystals he collected before, there are hundreds of them in total, which contain rich energy, as long as the outer shell is removed, the inner energy will be pure. “To become a true god is a true god. At that time, even if I face a mysterious god or demon who is much stronger than me, I can escape.” Chen Xiang threw a lot of monster crystals into the furnace, and he Putting all the crystals in at once, refining so many crystals is not difficult for him, and this is not a medicinal material with various peculiar properties. Although it was the first time to use this sacred furnace, Chen Xiang’s adaptability was very strong, and he was able to adapt to this sacred furnace very quickly. He used the Parimatch Promise Alchemy and the Fire of Creation for a day and a night, and put those few Hundreds of crystals are refined into a small pill, and its quality is very high. “I’m only one step away from the realm of a true god now, this pill should help me go to a higher level.” After swallowing 1xBet, Chen Xiang operated Msports Heaven Alchemy and started to cultivate.

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