Chen Xiang originally only wanted to try Pragmatic Play, but he was even a little worried that Yu Fan had seen through him and was already ready to run. Yu Fan obediently took Peng Renyi’s divinity out of real madrid. After getting this godhead, Chen Xiang returned to the No. 2 disaster star with a very happy mood. Now he already has four godheads, two of which are mediocre, and the other two are mysterious god level godheads! And he hadn’t refined the godhead that devoured the prince of hell before, so he will refine that godhead when he cultivates the emperor soul, so that his emperor soul will be even stronger. Seeing that Chen Xiang was in such a good mood, Qinglong smiled and asked: “What’s so happy? Could it be that you rumble outside and obtained the godhead again?” Chen Xiang smiled and said: “You got the godhead, but it was given by others!” Then He told the story of fooling Yu Fan, Qinglong laughed out loud. “What’s next for NetEnt? Will you still go to him?” “Of course, and I will join forces with Yang Yan to play with him.” Chen Xiang saw that Yu Fan trusted him so much now, he must make good use of this , Yu Fan played him like this before. “By the way, the Temple of War and the Temple of Hell are now putting pressure on the God of Punishment, and want the God of Punishment to send me to hell!” Qinglong stroked his beard and smiled, “Don’t worry, the more you punish the God, the less likely you will be Agreed! According to the rules set by the God of Punishment, if someone breaks into this place and kills people here, he generally doesn’t pay much attention to it, not to mention that the two gods of war came to you on their own initiative, so you deserve it.” “In this way I Don’t worry!” Yang Yan also said this before Betting, and now that Qinglong said it again, Chen Xiang was even more relieved.

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