The text version of the mobile version of the article search: hot keywords: Author: Category: Knowing what happened in the Nine Heavens World during this period, Qinglong sighed, it seems that he wants to go back, because most of the old friends from the past are there, Leap Only a few of them enter the realm of the gods. “Old green worm rumble, where is the fire lion? He should have gone to the realm of gods too!” Long Xueyi asked. “He was lucky, he escaped smoothly after being seriously injured, but according to his poker temper, he will definitely make trouble again in a short time, and now I don’t know what’s going on with him.” Qinglong smiled helplessly: “I hope he goes through this time, I can change my fiery temper.” Long Xueyi dragged her cheeks, looked at the meat roasting on the fire, and murmured: “I really want to go to the realm of the gods to save Lao Bing. Standing on my head as a mount Betway, I feel very uncomfortable.” Qinglong sighed: “Me too, but there is no way, those guys are too powerful, even if we can go to the realm of gods now, we can’t beat them Ah.” Chen Xiang said: “Based on God of Wealth’s status in the realm of gods, there must be a lot of powerful gods who have a good relationship with him, not to mention dealing with God of Wealth, just talking about his group of apprentices is enough to cause headaches.” Long Xueyi was leaning on Chen Xiang’s shoulder, she also knew how powerful those gods were, but she was still full of hope: “Little scoundrel, you must work harder in the future and help me rescue Lao Bing.” “Of course, as long as you give me time, I will definitely do it!” Chen Xiang caressed Long Xueyi’s cheek and smiled confidently at her. Qinglong nodded with a smile, of course he could see that the relationship between Chen Xiang and Long Xueyi was unusual. “Senior Qinglong, I

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