Directory: Author: Website: ps: I want to hear more of your voices, I want to receive more suggestions from your Mozzartbets, now search the WeChat public account “qdread” and pay attention to it, and give more support to “”! Dosi Loa, the youngest son of a city-state in the north, seems to have an unknown conspiracy against the White River Valley. The only good news is that he is going to temporarily stop his actions against the White River Valley. This is the news that Amber inquired about, but combined with Marvin’s memory, it is enough to make an accurate judgment. As a legendary player, Marvin is very familiar with the history of the game. Whether it is the various events officially announced, or the clues the players got from the missions, he has deeply recorded them in his mind. In “Feinan Continent”, players officially entered this world as “sons of gold” and arrived half a year after the cataclysm. And now, it was half a year before the cataclysm, if it was another la liga person, I am afraid that this world is both unfamiliar and familiar. But it is certainly impossible to remember every detail in my heart like Marvin. “If I remember correctly, the owner of River Beach City is also a third-level wizard. She, Paripesa, has been studying witchcraft in Betting for a long time, so she has given the position of city owner to another flashscore agent.” They are very corrupt. They lack effective supervision and management.” “But at a certain time – almost after the outbreak of the black sweet poison incident, the lord of River Beach City suddenly left the bet game to deal with the believers of the God of Plague, At the same time, we cleared up the problems of the city hall.” Marvin recalled these details in his mind. If his baccarat didn’t guess NetEnt wrong, Mr. Dosi Loa

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