“You man cities wait, I’ll go and call the chef.” Yue Changteng hastily took out a communication jade talisman. At this moment, Di Wei Di Wu suddenly pushed through the crowd and walked over. “Boss, what do you want us to do?” Dewey shouted. Di Wei and Di Wu came suddenly, and his face was still full of bewilderment. Chen Xiang knew that this must have been arranged by Long Xueyi. It was impossible for Yue Changteng to call Di Wei and Di Wu, two people with poor reputations. Yue Changteng must have trained long ago. The person who replaced them, but unexpectedly, Di Wei Di Wu suddenly came. Long Xueyi had expected that Yue Changteng would find two stand-ins to confront everyone, so she controlled Diwei Diwu to come over, because she cast an illusion on Diwei Diwu, which could manipulate the minds of his BGamers. “You…” Yue Changteng was dumbfounded, before he finished asking, Chen Xiang rushed to ask: “You are the chefs who are in charge of making Jin Yuxian fish.” “It’s us, what’s the matter.” Di Wei said. “Your Golden Champions League Jade Sacred Fish is poisonous. Did you put something in it? Tell me honestly.” A middle-aged man next to the fifth young master of the Lin family suddenly came to Dewey’s side and grabbed him by the shoulders fiercely. asked. “Boss… Didn’t Surebet247 say that nothing will happen to what you asked us to release?” Dewey said hastily after being caught in pain. Of course, these are what Long Xueyi controlled him to say. Di Wu on one side said: “Boss, last time that powerless old fellow Yin was fine, but this time it was Roulette who dealt with the five young masters of the Lin family. You are harming us.” Di Wei and Di Wu sang together NetEnt, made Yue Changteng dumbfounded, he was stunned there, this sudden impact, Pragmatic play made him feel that he

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