We are always working hard to improve user experience and speed up updates! If you think we stand up, let your friends read for your convenience, please, Jiang Shijian was ridiculed by Chen Xiang’s Evolution game, and suddenly became angry, shouted angrily, rushed towards Chen Xiang with the sword, sprayed Bet9ja on his body There were bursts of terrifying murderous aura, and the notched dragon-slaying sword was even more sinister and black. Seeing this, Chen Xiang sneered a few times. At this moment, the powerful Dragon Slaying Excalibur continuously spewed out black evil energy, which penetrated into the sea water, staining a large area black, and one could tell it was a very evil evil energy at a glance. “Sure enough, making a deal with the Devil Emperor of Hell will not end well. The sword in your betting hand has a strong evil spirit.” Chen Xiang originally thought that he would have to fight hard, but who knew that the other party would be infected with this kind of evil spirit at this time. This kind of evil evil spirit, for him who has practiced the magical skill of suppressing demons, Jiang Shijian at this time is really easy to deal with. “It’s fine if I can kill you.” Jiang Shijian’s eyes turned red, and his sword energy became extremely violent and full of hostility, which was a sign of evil spirits. Chen Xiang suspected that Betway’s Dragon Slaying Sword was once used by the Hell Devil Emperor, and there must be a lot of evil power hidden in it. At this time, he felt the evil hidden in Jiang Shijian’s heart, and felt that his dignity was trampled by Chen Xiang. Jiang Shijian only wanted to kill Chen Xiang, but he lost his mind and was infiltrated by the evil power inside the Dragon Slaying Sword. “It’s even more impossible for you to kill me in this baccarat state.” Chen Xiang laughed la liga a few times, Jiang Shijian had already slashed with a sword, the sword was very domineering, with a black mist, rippling the sea Blackened sea water. A burst of golden holy light appeared on Chen Xiang’s body, and the Dragon Slaying Divine Sword slashed at

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