Mobile version plain text Betting word version article query: Hot keywords: Author: Category: Chen Xiang looked at Lu Qilian, and his heart was beating. Let him feel a little betting. The atmosphere on Pinshu was a bit awkward, Lu Qilian turned her head aside, and said in a low voice: “You can leave my Shenhai, go out and have a try!” The consciousness of both of them left Shenhai and returned to reality. , hurriedly got out of bed: “I also need to get a lot of medicinal materials during this time, you can practice here by yourself, rumble, if you have anything, you can find me in the practice room next door!” Lu Qilian left the room, Chen Xiang sat on the bed a little disappointed, he shook his head, no longer thinking about the complicated relationship between him and Lu Qilian. “Little scoundrel, what’s the matter, did you eat her?” Long Xueyi’s voice echoed in Chen Xiang’s Divine Sea. When Chen Xiang left Tianyu, he left a ray of spirit in Long Xueyi’s Divine Sea. . “What are you thinking?” Chen Xiang snorted. “It’s been more than ten days, and nothing happened.” Long Xueyi curled her lips: “It’s really useless!” Chen Xiang ignored her, and Leap focused on sorting out the cultivation experience Lu Qilian gave him. He and Lu Qilian It went on for more than ten days. At this time, his understanding of the Endorphina technique of life and death is very easy. Many difficulties before him have suddenly been understood at this time, allowing him to run the Slot Games of life and death very smoothly, absorbing the spirit of the Holy Spirit outside, and adding On the fusion of his physical body and the strange power in Shenhai, spiritual liquid gradually condensed on his tongue. “One drop per hour, it’s too slow.” Chen Xiang looked at the

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