Bet9ja mobile version text version article query: Popular keywords Nairabet: Author: Category: As that la liga monster gradually emerged from the ground, its power became stronger and stronger, and Chen Xiang felt that it was too much to bear. Chen Xiang and Huang Jintian were already outside the volcanic group, and the body of that giant beast seemed to be as huge as the entire volcanic group. “Appeared!” The land in front of Chen Xiang and Huang Jintian was like the sea water of the ocean suddenly suspending, except that in front of them were mud, stones and a large number of beasts. The giant beast jumped into the sky and let out a deafening roar. The shock made Chen Xiang and Huang Jintian lose their hearing for a short time. If they hadn’t protected their ears well, their ears might be bleeding from the shock. “This guy is too strong!” Chen Xiang exclaimed, he and Huang Jintian couldn’t see the giant beast at this time, because the place where they were, was about to land a large piece of rocky soil and magma from a high altitude, Pragmatic play Completely obscured the sky. “Leave quickly?” Huang Jintian shouted. Chen Xiang released his soul, suspended in the sky, only saw a giant beast covered in fire Endorphina red scale armor, with two huge horns on its head. “This is the fire unicorn!” Chen Xiang exclaimed in shock: “This fire unicorn has actually condensed into a godhead.” “What? The fire unicorn, who has been missing for many years, actually stays in this place!” Huang Jintian was also very surprised. “Ah!” Chen Xiang suddenly yelled in pain, the divine soul he had released was wiped out by the radiance that spewed out from the fire unicorn, causing a sharp pain in his head. “He has transformed into a man in red, that’s all I can see.” Chen Xiang put Huang Jintian into the Youyao Ring, and then released the space power he had condensed. in space

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