Bai Yaowei looked at Chen Xiang suspiciously, of course he wanted the hatred between the Demon Suppressing Temple and Chen Xiang, but now Chen Xiang was in the Demon Suppressing Temple, he was the boss here. Chen Xiang is really the boss of Demon Suppressing Temple now, Bai Yaowei didn’t believe it when he saw it, Chen Xiang smiled, and took out the Azure Dragon Demon Slaying Knife. Bai Yaowei saw that Chen Xiang had no malice towards him, and he was talking calmly. Chen Xiang’s strength at this time also shocked him. In his cognition, even if Chen Xiang was against the sky, he would not be able to become so powerful all of a sudden. “I have already made arrangements.” Chen Xiang looked towards the Premier League area in the distance, where Sportybet was the dìfāng where the conference would be held. “By the way, how do you know about my two daughters? Do you know where they are?” Asked about this, Bai Yaowei was very anxious, his eyes full of strong yearning and worry. “I know them… tèbié Leap is Sister Youyou, she passed on some powerful things to me, and gave me a lot of help! She was injured by a casino Slot enemy before, and her dantian was severely injured. Now she is healing in a Tianyu , should be able to recover soon, and as for Miss Ziqian… She is with her.” Chen Xiang lowered his voice: “You don’t need to worry about them, the Slot Games should come back after a while.” Bai Yaowei learned that the two The daughter was safe and sound, and suddenly felt a lot easier. “Uncle Msports Paripesa, you have been to shímedìfāng before? Sister Youyou said that you died of lust.” Chen Xiang asked. “Has she ever told you about the BGaming Love Demon Lord?” Bai Yaowei asked

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