“Yes!” Chen Xiang replied. “Could you tell me how that world is doing now? I’m very curious. The Nine Heavens World cannot recover so quickly, but you can refine 80,000 Pills of Biyuan in a short period of time, like you With such a genius, I’m afraid that even the Emperor Saint Alchemy back then can’t compare to Parimatch you.” Feng Yujie was full of curiosity, waiting for Chen Xiang’s answer. Chen Xiang had suspected for a long time that the strong men here had intersected with people like the Nine Emperors and Five Venerables back then. “The Nine Heavens World…la liga…I have been here for more than two hundred years. It is changing rapidly there now, and Ditian is gradually recovering. The Fire Emperor back then is still half-disabled. The other Nine Emperors and five statues are all My whereabouts are unknown. As for me, that’s just an exception, I just prefer to tinker with pills, so I’m more successful in this area.” Chen Xiang chuckled. It is normal for Feng Yujie, as the head teacher of Shenyu Sect, to be able to tell at a glance that the 80,000 Slot Games grains of Biyuan Pill came from an affiliate alone. Feng Yujie smiled lightly and said: “Little guy, you are not very honest, you are not only successful in tinkering with pills.” Chen Xiang smirked and said: “Madam Feng, does the kid still have his advantages? Can’t Mozzartbet tell real madrid me?” After stepping into the Saint Transformation Realm, Chen Xiang’s dantian had already merged into the Divine Sea, and he felt that if he hid himself, it would be as difficult to see as an ordinary person. “Your dantian is gone, but you purposely used a little power to spread your breath there to confuse others! If I’m not wrong, you were a divine cultivator before, and after entering the Huasheng Online Casino, your dantian merged into the sea of ​​gods, that’s why it appeared This is the case.” Feng Yujie smiled softly, and regarded Chen Xiang as a divine cultivator.

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