Adhere to less advertisements, no pop-up windows, insist on stable rumble updates, insist on answering user feedback questions, and hope that book friends can help promote more. When you are away from home, go to the mobile version of m. The battle has already begun. The Surebet247 Jackals were the first to attack. This Mozzartbet was at dawn, and a total of six mutated hyenas came menacingly, followed by a dense crowd of gnolls. This scene, ordinary people will feel cold when they see it. Although the combat effectiveness of the Wolf man is really not very good, this number is enough to overwhelm everything. Unless the cavalry from River Beach City were dispatched, it would be difficult for the members of the guards in the White River Valley to contend with these gnolls. Everyone hid behind the fortifications, holding their breath. The mine they chose was the closest to the edge. There is a hill on the left and a forest on the right. Relatively speaking, it is easier to defend. The young men of the guard are holding their weapons tightly, ready to deal with the surprise attack of the jackals at any time! The last time we faced this situation, Marvin ordered them to evacuate because they were outnumbered. But this time, they can’t back down! Take back their hometown, this is their only choice! “I need a little time!” Hearing the shout of the double-knife mask to himself, the archer Joey did not feel resentful, but responded to Parimatch very readily. Veteran adventurers know what to do in combat. Although it was agreed that Marvin would deal with the Gnoll warlock, but he was just a lonely ranger, and if he couldn’t find the opponent’s hidden warlock, the battle would be very troublesome. Joey does have some outstanding Pragmatic play, otherwise he would not have single-handedly made his name in River Beach City

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