“You Parimatch, little bitch, I should have killed you long ago, otherwise our Wild Lion Clan would not have ended up like baccarat.” The Wild Lion Princess shouted coldly. “If you don’t catch them, nothing will happen. It’s all your fault.” Chen Xiang replied: “For a mad lion like you, the old mad lions of your clan hate you to death, and you Knowing that no one wants you, that’s why you will attack other women whose livescore looks better than yours.” “I want to eat you.” Wild Lion Princess roared angrily, and Chen Xiang winked at Little Lizhi, indicating that he could make a move. up. The mad lion princess who was chasing up had a piece of golden scales emerging from her arm, and it turned into a lion’s claw with sharp claws. Her body was like lightning. After rushing to Chen Xiang’s side, she would grab a blow and want to scratch Chen Xiang’s head to pieces. , but what she hit was just a virtual image. Mad Lion Princess is not afraid of Little Lizhi, because she has seen Xiao Lizhi’s strength last time, she is very weak, and she doesn’t want Xiao Lizhi to die so easily, but she really wants to kill that nasty man casino quickly Slots. Chen Xiang and Xiao Lizhi stood in front of each other, separated by hundreds of meters from the roulette, and Princess Wild Lion was standing in the middle of them. At this time, in the distant forest, angry lion roars could be heard, and Chelsa’s momentum was very compelling. Both Xiang and Xiao Lizhi frowned secretly, because Lu Qilian must be struggling right now. “Start.” Chen Xiang sent a voice transmission to Xiao Lizhi, and saw that both of them stepped on their feet at the same time, and strong demon-suppressing holy power gushed out from their feet. At that moment, they respectively released a demon-suppressing air formation. Formation, and the two are superimposed and fused with each other, which can produce extremely powerful power. Lion Princess flashscore saw a covered

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