Registered users will not be affected by the bet game after logging in, registration is completely free, thanks to the book friends 🙂 Chen Xiang rushed to the top floor immediately, Huang Jin saw him coming back so soon, and his face was full of Slot Games. Surprised, he hurriedly asked: “What’s going on?” The upper echelon of Demon Town Temple came to inform me to get ready for la liga, Msports was going to Tianyu, Phoenix King went to Huadi, just for this matter, But this should be a matter of the Royal Feather Clan and the Hundred Flowers Immortal Kingdom, how could the Temple of Suppressing Demons have a part in it. baccarat” Chen Xiang was very puzzled by this, “Going to Tianyu, this is terrible news, I have to go and inquire about the detailed inside information, it may take a while before I come back. “Huang Jintian was shocked by this, because going to Tianyu not only requires great strength, but also an opportunity. Not everyone can go. After Huang Jintian left, Chen Xiang ordered some elders to say that he would retreat for a period of time, and other things They took care of everything, and then came to a secret room, “Three months, too little time, not enough time for me to break through to the middle stage of Immortal King. “Chen Xiang doesn’t know what’s going on in Tianyu, but with strong strength, he might be able to get greater benefits in Tianyu, “I don’t know what Tianyu is, how did they find out . “Long Xueyi is very curious about this. There are tens of thousands of Tianyu, each of which is different, but there are treasures inside. It is difficult for Chen Xiang to improve his cultivation in a short period of time, but now he can only First refine the medicinal materials obtained into pills, first-grade fairy-level pills, he has refined fairy-grade diamond pills and holy beast pills, and now he is going to refine Yuxian pills, he has never even eaten liverpool before, refining feathers

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