Little Lizhi glared at Chen Xiang: “Do you think killing those evil beasts is as easy as pinching ants? It’s not bad if you can kill one of them. You still want to kill a group of them. “Aren’t you very powerful, champions league, you are already a saint Those evil beasts are also in the Saint Transformation Realm, and if you use the Demon Suppressing Divine Art to kill them, it will definitely be as easy as pressing an ant. (Everyday Chinese)” After Chen Xiang finished speaking, he added: “We are partners, when the time comes, you have to give me some star core. “Little Lizhi was very speechless to Chen Xiang. In her eyes, this is an idiot who wants money and life, “You really think it’s as simple as those old guys from the Demon Suppressing Temple said. Got it, those evil beasts are not that weak, you think you can become the master of the palace just by pooping. “Xiao Lizhi suddenly felt that this person was very mindless. Xiao Lizhi felt that the sports betting direction they said to go now would be close to the center, and she might encounter evil beasts there. She just wanted to finish it quickly, and then stay away from here and wait. Teleported back, when it was almost dark, the dragon Spinmatic Xueyi finally had a direction: “There is a person walking towards you in front, and the live betting looks like an evil beast that has transformed into a human. “Chen Xiang hastily grabbed the running little Lizhi, who shook off his hand: “What’s the matter. “There is something in front, it may be an evil beast.” “Chen Xiang said, when she discovered the evil spirit before, Little Lizhi was very curious why Chen Xiang knew, she now of course believes in Chen Xiang, although Chen Xiang often bickered with her along the way, but did not plot against her, ” You hide aside and let me come. “Little Lizhi said, if Chen Xiang was at Liverpool next door, she was still worried about dragging her down, “Then you have to worry about little Paripesa

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