Registered users will not be affected after logging in, registration is completely free, thanks to the book friends 🙂 “My sister betting is her apprentice.)” Chen Xiang said, “Oh, she doesn’t accept apprentices, she said she is qualified to be her apprentice There are not many people in the Online Casino, so why is your sister favored by her.” Grandma Lu was very surprised, she didn’t even know what happened outside, “Because my sister got the inheritance of the Sword Emperor real madrid.” Chen Xiang said again, This matter has long been no secret to the outside world. Surebet247, “I didn’t expect that even the inheritance of the Sword Emperor appeared. If this is the case, your sister is indeed qualified to be her Betting’s apprentice.” Grandma Lu nodded , and then patted a stone bench next to him, motioning for Chen Xiang to come and sit down, Chen Xiang walked over carefully, sat down, saw Endorphina’s frightened appearance, Grandma Lu laughed: “I said, what are you afraid of?” , you have the demon-suppressing golden body, you can’t die, although I’ve been poisoned everywhere in the Slot Games, for example, on this stone bench, there’s a layer of spiced bone flower night.” “Also, the under your feet This piece of soil has been watered by the purple blood of the purple blood centipede all year round, that’s why such beautiful purple flowers grow.” Nanny Lu gently stroked the hairy purple flower with her hand, Chen Xiang Shivering, she asked, “If I didn’t have the Demon Suppressing Golden Body, wouldn’t I have died a long time ago?” Grandma Lu smiled and nodded, “It would have turned into blood long ago, and the casino slot has become the nourishment for my small garden.” , the big girl will let you come, she should know that you have cultivated the Demon-Suppressing Golden Body, otherwise she will harm you, does she know that you have the Demon-Suppressing Golden Body?” Of course Lu Qilian knew that he had the Demon-Suppressing Golden Body It’s not a thing

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