List Chen Xiang quickly walked out of that cave, the inside of the Shenjiang Villa is very quiet, especially in the central area, there are very few people, even if there are, they are relatively strong Immortal Kings. www.ka? nzww.coМ see.. Chinese.文!网 Although this is the core area of ​​Shenjiang Villa, there are not many people here now. Chen Xiang suspects that those strong people have all gone to Tianjian City. On the surface, it looks like they are going to have a wedding, but they are actually doing business. , exchange Liu Menger for the precious things left by the evil emperor. “The fewer people, the better!” Chen Xiang flew into the air, making the temple as big as a giant mountain, and slammed it down on the hill where Nairabet had besieged Liu Meng’er. With a bang, the heavy divine cauldron slammed down and released the power, and the real madrid crushed the hill into a piece of rubble. The large and small gravel that flew out, like a tumbling tide, completely destroyed some Liverpool houses around Betting. boom! Chen Xiang controlled the Divine Cauldron and smashed it to the ground again. The ground cracked violently, and the violent earthquake caused the ground to rise and fall, and collapsed a large area of ​​houses. Chen Xiang has already heard the angry shouts of many people in Roulette. The Divine Craftsman Villa has a strong defense against the outside, but if the inside is destroyed, there is no resistance at all. People outside the Shenjiang Villa can see a three-legged tripod like a giant mountain, suspended in the air, and then fell hard to the ground, causing waves of violent shocks, accompanied by a forceful heat wave. The Xuanyang Fire Crow was sealed inside the Divine Cauldron. At this time, Chen Xiang released all the heat inside, and the heat wave raged in all directions, setting off bursts of flames. In the blink of an eye, the central area of ​​the Divine Craftsman Villa became one

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