The text version of the mobile version: Hot keywords: Author: Category: Duan Ming suddenly fell to the ground, it looked like something weighing hundreds of millions of catties fell down, bringing a strong impact Force, when his feet landed, he released the extremely strong true energy in his body, producing a huge shock wave, that shock wave formed a circle like a water wave, rippling around, wherever the flashscore went, Those monsters turned into powder, Yan Shan and others were shocked by Duan Ming’s strength when they saw it, at least they couldn’t do it, Duan Ming just betting and cleared the land of ten thousand zhang, and the shock wave is still going It spreads around, but it will not cause harm to humans. This is the strength of the powerful Sanxian Nairabet. While speaking, Duan Ming waved his hand at the group of monsters, and released a blast of purple thunder. That burst of purple light turned the gray sky into purple, and wherever the purple thunderstorm blows, it will turn the monsters there into ashes, “I see.” Chen Xiang nodded, flew People who entered the sea of ​​beasts in the distance, the Fire God Temple and the Demon Suppressing Temple all noticed Duan Ming, and the purple lightning used by Duan Ming was very familiar to them, because when Duan Ming fought in the Night Demon Hell, he rumbled We have seen before that against these monsters full of evil spirits, the demon-suppressing holy power in Chen Xiang’s body is very lethal. He released the Betting demon-suppressing holy power and wrapped around his body, forming an air shield, some The monster flew up, touched the air mask, and instantly turned into mist, “Suppressing Demon Seal.” Chen Xiang released the Demon Suppressing Saint Seal that had been integrated into his body, and followed him

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