Chen Xiang took out the Fire Dragon Sword, after he injected his true energy, a burst of flame burst out from the Fire Dragon Sword, the flames billowed, red as a dragon, hovering over the sword body, and a faint breath of holy fire overflowed , let everyone cheer up. It is not easy to cultivate the holy fire, but after this fire dragon sword absorbs other flames, it can turn into a holy fire, which makes the value of this Betting fire dragon sword even higher. Even the few holy swords here today, in this one Huolongjian will be overshadowed in front of it. This is a good sword, but it is not suitable for Mu Qianxiang, and it will bring her a lot of trouble. Just now, Chen Xiang wished that he could compete for the Holy Sword because he was an Immortal King, but many Immortal Kings and Immortal Sovereigns hoped that he could become weaker, so that he could compete with Chen Xiang on the sports betting real madrid and win this Take the Fire Dragon Sword. “I’m only a late-stage human immortal, and the range I can accept is below that of an immortal, so people with strength above that of an immortal should not come to bully me.” Chen Xiang laughed, making everyone Nairabet secretly curse in their hearts. Get up, because just now everyone witnessed him punching and killing Ding Xingyao, who claimed to be invincible under the fairy king. Under Xianjun, who is his opponent. “This guy has so many good things. He has a Msports Qinglong Demon Slaying Knife, and that mysterious dagger is also very powerful. Now he has a Fire Dragon Sword. In the Seven Dragon Sword, there are two Put it in his hand.” Liu Meng’er whispered, she glanced at Xue Xianxian. Xue Xianxian smiled and said: “If I haven’t become a fairy, maybe I will go up and fight him.” “I don’t know who will go up and fight him.

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