Share this site by title and author: Style settings Recommended reading: Tips: The reading records at the top of the page will automatically save the reading records on your computer, no need to register At night, on the official road outside Hetan City. Uncle Haha, Ma Wen, who was walking alone, suddenly felt a pain in his heart! “Mozzatbet, I actually feel heartache…” “Although Anthony’s fall has been expected, how can I also feel heartache?” Marvin stood still, and it took a while before he regained his strength. He was a little shocked, not shocked by the heartache. Ordinary people may not understand what that heartache means now, but he does. As one of the few active legendary wizards alive, Anthony has always been the most active and powerful member of the suppression of evil forces on the Feinan Continent. Whether it is the Snake Cult or the evil spirits from the lower planes, life is very unsatisfactory under the eyes of Anthony’s sun. This righteous legendary wizard is the patron saint of the East Coast. He is also one of the top figures in the Southern Wizarding Union. Such a character cannot be described with the word great. His fall is definitely a loss for Poker Feinan Continental Paripesa. And a benevolent person will suddenly have a feeling of heartache under the influence of some kind of power in the dark. This is only the first time. Because this is only the first legendary fall since the cataclysm event was brewing. Under the conspiracy of the gods, there are definitely not a few human wizards who have fallen. Those shocking events in Marvin’s memory will happen one by one. It won’t be long before the news of Anthony’s fall will spread, and by then, all evil forces will

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