Demon Suppressing Temple and Fire Temple also regarded Chen Xiang as the number one enemy, because their Immortal Kings were all beheaded by Chen Xiang. Not to mention the Dragon Emperor Nairabet, his arm was cut off because of Chen Xiang, and the two sons who were more outstanding in the evolution game were killed by Chen Xiang. The most important thing is that Chen Xiang was still with a white dragon. As far as the dragon clan is concerned, the Premier League is equivalent to the seed that will make them exterminate the clan, and now this seed has germinated and is growing vigorously, imparting many powerful Imperial Dragon Clan exercises to Chen Xiang. “Let me come, you all watch carefully, don’t let him escape, and discuss how to deal with him after he is captured alive!” The Dragon Emperor said solemnly, and the Immortal Kings of the Emperor Dragon Clan and the Fire Temple were also on alert at this time Get up, the same is true for those traitor forces, but the people of the Royal Feather Clan did not intend to intervene in Parimatch, and stepped back to watch. As soon as the Dragon Emperor baccarat took a step, Duan Ming frowned. As soon as the breath on his body was released, the Dragon Emperor couldn’t help but retreat, and the people around him also retreated one after another, their faces were full of horror. Duan Ming didn’t look at the Dragon Emperor, but looked at those Heavenly Liverpool Immortal Kingdoms and Holy Realm Immortal Kingdoms. The ancestors of these forces were all those who betrayed the Ten Heavens Emperor back then. The exercises they practiced at this time were all Ten Real Madrid It was taught to them by the Emperor of Heaven, so as soon as Duan Ming sensed their aura, he immediately recognized Sportybet. “You belong to the Feng family!” Duan Ming looked at a middle-aged man, his voice full of murderous intent. “That’s right, what do you want to do?” The middle-aged man knew that Duan Ming was very strong, but he thought that the Dragon Emperor and the others should be able to win it together. After all, he had never seen such a super strong existence, and even if there was, he would not It’s so easy to appear, and it’s still with Chen Xiang. “Then instead of your ancestors,

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