Reminder: Only the 10 most recently browsed books are placed in the browsing records. Forget it, and Immortal King 22Bet is not considered the strongest existence in the heavens. “The female queen of the Hundred Flowers Fairy Kingdom, some people said that she might become the flower emperor in the future. Among the daughters, she is considered to be the most powerful existence.” Su Meiyao said. “The Hundred Flowers Fairyland should be regarded as the smallest fairyland. There are only five very small fairylands, and the owners of the palaces are all women. The people who are in charge of the entire fairyland are also women, and this fairyland is also considered a fairyland. The most peaceful fairyland, as long as you don’t do anything unscrupulous, taking refuge there is the best choice.” Bai Youyou said: “We used to take refuge there before!” This Hundred Flowers affiliated fairyland, Chen Xiang had heard about it a long time ago, and he had thought of hiding there for a while at the beginning, but he was still worried that the forces of the Demon Suppressing Temple, the Dragon Clan of the Emperor Betway and the Fire Temple were too powerful, and even the Hundred Flowers Immortal Kingdom would not be able to protect him. Chen Xiang answered Mu Qianxiang’s question based on what Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou said about Msports. “The Hundred Flowers Fairyland is so big. She is a woman, and she will be called the future Flower Emperor. It’s amazing.” Mu Qianxiang yearns very much, and she also wants to become a strong woman. “I’ll answer your question again, and we’ll be even.” Chen Xiang laughed, he had already seen that this Mu Qianxiang yearned for the outside world very much. “The Hundred Flowers Immortal Kingdom consists of five fairy palaces, the main palace has at least 300 million, and each main palace has at least one fairy king and ten fairy kings in charge, and these fairy kings and fairy kings in Man City are all under the command of

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