Tip: The browsing history only places the most recently browsed 10poker books. The browsing history of this book is empty. “” The second volume of Nairabet just as Shen Xiang jumped up, the ground suddenly bulged, and a large group of night monsters emerged. There were many fires, But they were all wiped out by the night devils emerging from the ground, and the night devils in the air also fell down like raindrops. Chen Xiang felt that he bumped into the roulette and hit a lot of BGaming, and there were countless night monsters biting or tearing him with their hands, but none of the flashscores could break through the thick water cover that he injected with the power of suppressing demons . Without the flames, it was pitch black at this moment, the ground screamed again and again, the strong betting blood filled the air and the evil spirit of the Night Demon made people sick and frightened. In the darkness, occasionally some rays of light came out, Chen Xiang sensed a strong aura coming from the direction of those big forces, and those giants also joined in the battle. “There are so many of them.” Chen Xiang only felt that he was in the ocean formed by night monsters. Even if he didn’t use the power in his body, he could still be suspended. He was surrounded by dense numbers of night monsters going crazy. Attack Mozzartbet him. “If I continue, I won’t be able to hold on for long. This group of things is too terrifying.” Chen Xiang only felt that his basalt sky cover was weakening a little bit, because these night demons are all the strength of immortals in the middle and late stages, and they are crazy at this moment. Attacking him, the affiliates are very strong. Although he can have a thick basalt hood to protect him, he is constantly being consumed when resisting those attacks. “The people who came to join in the fun, now only you are left, and the other people don’t even have bones left, and there are three immortals among them.” Long Xueyi said. “What.”

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