Reminder: The browsing records only place the last 10 books that Nairabet has browsed. The browsing records are empty. The second volume of “” Long Xueyi responded immediately: “NetEnt has me here, so go ahead and let Forebet see how powerful you are. , to open the eyes of baccarat, a group of bumpkins who have never seen the world.” For Chen Xiang, Long Xueyi is full of confidence, and she is always ready to protect Chen Xiang at this moment, although Chen Xiang has not yet admitted her identity. , but most of the influential figures have already confirmed that he is Chen Xiang. There are still two hours left, and Chen Xiang is still not sure that his quality will surpass Long Peirong’s, so he found a method from the Heavenly Refining Technique, which can improve the quality of the pill. He didn’t know what it was called, but it was just one of the techniques of Tianlian, which was considered a small technique, so it didn’t have a name like the Great Wanshu. “Let’s call it the Ascension Element Technique.” Chen Xiang gave this method a name, because it can improve the quality, although he is not sure if it will be successful, but he still plans to give it a try. Although there were still two hours before the end of the BGaming champions league, everyone was waiting impatiently, because only Shen Xiangxiang hadn’t refined Bet9ja yet, and everyone was looking forward to it. Suddenly, Chen Xiang’s alchemy furnace trembled slightly. Seeing this, everyone was overjoyed. They thought it was a sign of alchemy, but after the alchemy furnace trembled, it became silent. However, the immortal energy in the entire arena slowly flowed towards Chen Xiang’s alchemy furnace, and formed a spiral around the alchemy furnace. The rich immortal energy formed a cyclone and enveloped Chen Xiang’s water tank alchemy furnace, and soon condensed a lot, the rich immortal energy

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