The text version of the mobile version of the article search: Hot keywords: Author: Category: The medicinal materials in the 60,000 shop are all heaven-level low-grade, that is, Hunyuan Dan, which can be obtained with fairy crystals, and the palace of the six princes The things planted inside must be good things, maybe there will be fairy-level ones. “I found it. It’s a valley, but there are two fairy kings in it!” Long Xueyi said, but Chen Xiang hesitated. There are two fairy kings in that place, and if he is seen la liga, he will trouble him up. “Xueyi betting, first check to see if there are precious medicinal materials in it, if there is something worth taking the risk to get, go try it, anyway, this little villain has escaped from the fairy king once or twice ” Su Meiyao said. Although Chen Xiang had escaped the Evolution game several times under the hands of the Immortal King, if he wanted to go now, he would still be under pressure, but if, as Su Meiyao said, there are immortal medicinal ingredients worth taking risks, it would be fine to take the risk once. “Introduce what you see into my flashscore mind, let me see what’s inside the baccarat…” Su Meiyao said, and Chen Xiang was walking towards the valley at this time. After a while in real madrid, Su Meiyao exclaimed: “The Wandan Immortal Kingdom is really powerful, there is such a thing!” Hearing Su Meiyao’s words, Chen Xiang was sure that he must enter that valley. “What is that?” Chen Xiang hurriedly asked. “Sacred fruit tree of Tianshan, a sacred fruit of Tianshan has condensed on it, it is a holy medicinal material!” Su Meiyao said excitedly: “One of the main medicinal materials for refining that kind of pill!” Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou had to eat it if they wanted to recover their strength. To use that kind of holy pill, the main medicinal materials needed are all holy-level medicinal materials! Now bet game already has jade dragon flower and blood

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