Searching novels: Volume 2 Volume 2 Coming over in the middle of the night was indeed surprising, Chen Xiang could still sense He Feng’s aura. “Three people, Manager Ma, He Feng, and one is the Immortal King, who should be the sixth prince.” Long Xueyi said. Chen Xiang said to Huang Jintian: “It’s better to hide, now we pretend to sleep, it will take some time for them to come over.” After a while, Manager Ma knocked on Chen Xiang’s door and shouted: “Master Yan, a distinguished guest has arrived ” Both Chen Xiang and Huang Jintian didn’t understand that betting a prince would be so sneaky, so he got up and went to open the door. After opening the door, he saw He Feng and the Immortal King, Leap, but this Immortal King had a black mask on his face, so he couldn’t see his appearance, so it should be the sixth prince without a doubt. Roulette After seeing Chen Xiang, He Feng saluted respectfully, and shouted: “Master Yan, I interrupted the Evolution game, I have something important to say, please forgive me.” The tall man with a mask said: ” Master Yan, let’s make a long story short, I can let you enter the palace, but after entering, you must strictly complete the task according to the time, we urgently need the life-returning pill now, if you can do it, we will not treat you badly.” Xiang pretended to think about it, and said: “If Paripesa doesn’t need to make alchemy for a long time every day, I can do it.” “Okay, Feng’er, you make arrangements, I have other things.” After finishing speaking, the sixth prince was full and left. “Eldest son, can I bring a follower in, this is my master’s relative, with his help, I think I can make alchemy faster.” Chen Xiang looked at Huang Jintian in the room. Huang Jintian’s feeling

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