Seeing that Mu Jialan was still twitching, Chen Xiang said: “Pick up your clothes yourself, or I will put my hand in!” Yao Shumei smiled lightly: “Then I’ll do it first!” Chen Xiang admired in his heart, still familiar Let the live betting girls go, even though Yao Shumei said that, she still has some minds in her heart, but Chen Xiang kindly helped her detoxify them, so that they could get rid of the control of this strange poison, and let them take away the Holy Spirit Jade Rabbit , The benefits they get can be said to be immeasurable. Yao Shumei tore open her clothes at the navel, revealing a hole, enough to put a hand in, which made Chen Xiang feel a little funny. They all wear long skirts. If they want to show their navels, they have to take off a few pieces. Chelsa is even more embarrassing. Although Yao Shumei is a mother, she is still young and beautiful. She looks like sisters to Mu Jialan, and her figure is also great. Chen Xiang reached in and put it on her belly button. His big hand could feel Yao Shumei’s tenderness. The waist baccarat is so thin that you can almost hold half of it with one hand. “Have you started smoking?” Yao Shumei asked in a low voice, her face was a little red, because Chen Xiang’s hand was a little dishonest, rubbing it on her belly button. Chen Xiang didn’t intend to take advantage of Roulette’s family, it was just that when he put his hand on it, he couldn’t help rubbing it. Maybe it was because he hadn’t had sex with him for many years. The person in front of him was a familiar woman. “It’s already started.” Chen Xiang looked serious, and immediately released a burst of divine power to investigate the strange poison in Yao Shumei’s body, and soon discovered that most of these toxins were distributed in the abdomen. area, where several areas are

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