Chen Xiang had asked Chen Jiancheng about the price of the medicinal materials here before, and it was indeed higher than Dan’s price, because many of the medicinal materials are now used as seeds, and the price is relatively high, and those who buy them as seeds must be able to earn back, and It’s not worth it for alchemy. (wWW “It seems that there are no wild alchemists here. Many big premier league forces Msports have mastered a large amount of medicinal materials in Parimatch. Alchemists all rely on those forces in Liverpool. There are a lot of medicinal materials for refining hands. Don’t worry about medicinal materials Sports betting, which can indeed attract many alchemists in Paripesa.” Su Meiyao said, although the heavens have changed a lot now, but she can quickly accept the bet game. Hearing that the price is so expensive, Long Xueyi’s heart is cold With a long sigh of disappointment, Chen Xiang hurriedly said: “This… Can I use other medicinal materials in exchange for it? I don’t have so many fairy crystals around me for the time being!” “To be honest, the reason why this holy beast fruit is so expensive is because It’s all because this thing can grow into holy medicinal materials, so Betting is not comparable to ordinary medicinal materials, tell me, what medicinal materials are you planning to use in exchange.” The old man asked. Chen Xiang felt that this medicinal pill shop was also a big one. It is controlled by the forces. “Fruit of Creation.” Chen Xiang said, this is a low-grade medicinal material, he thinks it should not be too bad. “You have fifteen, so I will exchange it with you.” The old man said at once. Fifteen Fortune Fruits can be worth more than two million Immortal Crystals. “Change it, this old guy is quite kind. In the past, although there was a shortage of Fortune Fruits, they were not as expensive as live betting.” Su Meiyao Said. Good fortune fruit still has a relatively good status in the heaven, because it is not very high, but not low, and many Nirvana peaks

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