List Chen Xiang’s current difficulty in cultivation is that he needs more and more true qi to condense the celestial pill’s Pill Embryo. If he hadn’t been able to condense the divine liquid of creation and copy a large amount of medicinal materials to make alchemy, he wouldn’t be able to realize that when he grows up, he will How difficult. ┌He is in the dragon’s veins, and he can absorb a lot of energy from it. With the addition of Hunyuan Pill, he thinks that forebet should ascend very quickly. “I’ve only been in Nirvana for seven eons, and Mozzartbet has eight or nine eons. It seems that it will take a long time! Originally, I planned to practice the divine way and improve the level of the divine way, but now it seems that I can only ascend first. “Chen Xiang has been practicing for more than a year, and the progress is very slow, but it is much faster than when he was sealed. After all, this is inside the Dragon Nairabet veins, and what he eats is a heavenly pill such as Hunyuan Pill. Betting him I feel that I should use the Evolution game for a few more years before I can survive the Nirvana. “Little villain, if you improve your divine way, I have a way to make you faster.” Long Xueyi said suddenly. “What way?” Chen Xiang had just finished asking, when he thought of something that made him feel hot all over. “Apart from that method, what else can you do to rumble? You little scoundrel!” Long Xueyi snorted coquettishly. The method Long Xueyi said was the combination of soul and soul. Before, Long Xueyi used the “Shen Fu Art” to help Chen Xiang recover his divine power quickly, but Chen Xiang didn’t know that this Shen Fu Art had this kind of usage. “Hmph!” Long Premier League Xue Yijiao spat: “Don’t think about other things. If you are dual-cultivating, your current celestial body is not enough for this emperor to toss about.” “I don’t believe it. The young Heavenly Sacred Body! Come on, let’s try it out.” Chen Xiang said with a smirk. “Little villain, I knew

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