Share this site by title and author: Style settings Recommended reading: Tips: The reading record at the top of the page will automatically save the reading record on your computer, no need to register! The sharp giant ax was about to split Marvin in half, and at the critical moment, he forcibly twisted his body. Freeze time is over! Marvin’s rich combat experience saved his life again, and he dodged the fatal blow with a swift rollover. This giant ax obviously made Diafes use all his strength, he couldn’t stop the trend at all, and let the giant ax slash on the floor. There was a cloud of dust. It’s now! A stern look flashed in Ma Wen’s eyes, and he rolled over again, his legs suddenly exerted force, and he threw himself on Diafes’ back! A Dexterity of 19 gives him exceptional reflexes. He was as light as a swallow, with his two knives raised horizontally, and his legs caught Diafes’ lower back! Throat slitting! A hint of horror flashed in Diafes’ eyes! He didn’t expect at all that his powerful wild deterrent had only the lowest effect on Marvin! This is simply not possible. Generally speaking, the wild chelsalive betting deterrence of barbarian warriors is enough to shock low-level adventurers for more than 2 seconds, instead of just 5 seconds! However, he never expected that the Marvin in front of him was no longer the cowardly boy Betting. He had experienced too many battles, and his mental will was very strong. Although Betking’s will attribute is not high, his soul is strong enough to play a key role in related tests. The wild and shocking miss made Diafes Leap fall into a passive state for an instant. He is also experienced in many battles. Facing Marvin’s throat slit, he let go of the giant axe, and suddenly covered his throat with both hands.

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