List novel guide Shen Xiang asked through sound transmission: “Please pay me. Novel guide” “Your Excellency first knows who the person to kill is, and it’s not too late to ask!” Moxu laughed and said: “The guy to kill is Gu Huang The second elder of the Demon Sect.” “No problem, now we can talk about rewarding BGaming, I am more concerned about this.” Chen Xiang is most happy to kill the forebeter of the Ancient Desolation Demon Sect. Assassin’s business never asked about the reason for the assassination, so no matter how curious Chen Xiang was, he would never ask about it, otherwise it wouldn’t be like the style of Ghost Killer. The Ancient Desolation Demon Endorphina Sect and the Mo Clan are powerful 22Bet forces in the Demon Realm, and there must be secret intrigues, but it has developed to the point of assassination, which is a very serious matter, especially at this juncture, in the Demon Realm The power of the team is not as harmonious as Shen Xiang imagined in Liverpool. Chen Xiang suddenly discovered that Baccarat could use this point to make the alliance fight internally, as long as there were interests, he could provoke. “One trillion crystals!” Moxu said. “Hello, Nairabet, this is the first time I’ve cooperated with you, and I won’t bargain any more, it’s a good start.” If you kill one person, you can get one trillion crystals, Chen Xiang thinks it’s quite a bargain, but Not everyone can receive such a business to do. “I have already inquired, this guy will leave tomorrow morning, he will go to the Ten Thousand Snake City in the Demon Realm, you can do it there, it is best to make it look like you were killed by the evil demon, so that you will not be suspected It’s gone!” Chen Xiang immediately left Shengyan Mountain and went to Ten Thousand Snakes City in the Demon Realm. After coming to Ten Thousand Snakes City, Chen Xiang didn’t wear Rumble’s blood-red mask, otherwise the Second Elder of the Ancient Desolation Demon Sect died here, doubting that he was inevitable

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