Category: Silent Little Thief website homepage: Chen Xiang said before that he is an alchemist, but all the poker people didn’t think so, thinking that he was just an alchemist with poor Pragmatic play, but now seeing his powerful flame , and judging from his unfathomable strength, people feel that he is the kind of old immortal who doesn’t know how many years he has lived. Endorphina (Baidu search magic to find this site) Chen Xiang is the first time to forge weapons, but his theoretical knowledge of the champions league in flashscore is very good. This divine book, plus he had been with Liu Menger and Dongfang Xinyue before, so such low-level things were not difficult for him at all. And the next scene made people dumbfounded. Chen Xiang shouted loudly, stretched out his pair of fleshy palms, and kneaded all the pieces of black steel that were burning red. The temperature of the blackened black steel was frighteningly high, even if Leap and Chen Xiang were some distance away, they could still feel that frightening temperature BGaming, but now someone actually touched this kind of thing with their palms. The most unbelievable thing is that these bits and pieces of dark steel that are burning red are like dough, kneaded together by Chen Xiang in a few moments, forming a big ball. For him who has cultivated his physical body into a heavenly body, this is not a big deal. It’s not difficult at all, it’s really like kneading dough. After kneading all the black steel into a ball, Chen Xiang took out a black hammer, which looked very ordinary, but it was used by a master craftsman. “Master Master Craftsman, I’m finally worthy of your hammer. I finally used it to refine weapons.” Chen Xiang thought to himself, before he used this hammer as a weapon to use real madrid, and many people were deceived by this magic hammer.

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