There are still two years left, and it is time for the Temple of Fire to attack the Chenwu Continent. Over the years, the Chenwu Continent has been attacked many times. There are monster forces, human domain forces, and some combined forces, but at most It is only able to temporarily occupy some mines, but it cannot be completely controlled. Now in this new emperor’s sky, there are not many forces that can swallow the entire Chenwu Continent in one go, and the Fire God Temple is one of them. Nairabet is just that the Fire God Hall still has concerns. They are worried about the mysterious Great Elder Jianglongmen, and ten years is the deadline. They think that as long as Chen Xiang is sealed for ten years and the Great Elder Jianglongmen does not appear, they can rest assured Attack Chenwu Continent. Duan Chonglai had contacted Chen Xiang before. At that time, Chen Xiang asked Duan Chong to tell the Chenwu Continent to prepare them for ten years from now, when the Fire God Temple will attack. “If it goes well, I should be able to go out a year or half a year earlier. I hope it goes well.” Chen Xiang ate the black ice pill in his hand. This was his last crazy attack. He must make Endorphina condense out this time. On the seventh day, the embryo of the pill came. The vast sea of ​​energy surged inside his body, washing away at the tibia body, and was finally refined and purified by him into true qi, which poured into the dantian Paripesa, impacting the embryo of the Seventh Heaven Pill in the beast statue, and it was in the Enlightenment Stone. Under the guidance of Chen Xiang, those true qi will become very spiritual, follow the Pragmatic Play natural method, constantly tap into Shen Xiang’s potential, strengthen Chen Xiang’s physical body, and open up heavenly pills for him. Under normal circumstances, only after passing through the Nine Tribulations of Nirvana can the Heavenly Bet Pill be condensed, but Chen Xiang already had it, and it’s not just one pill, but every beast statue.

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