Text version of the mobile version: Hot keywords: Author: Category: This School of Conquering Demons is also regarded as a thorn in the side of many demon forces. [] Welcome to reading bar! 8 Xiang scolded with a smile. After saying goodbye to the two women, Chen Xiang came to Betting from the teleportation array in the city. At this time, the pressure on the Demonic Academy was also very high. “Youlan, be nice, don’t let the immortals worry about it.” “I know Betway, don’t be mother-in-law, I hate these things the most.” Leng Youlan giggled. “Are you driving me away?” Shen licked her lips, then got up and got dressed. “Brother, if your Dragon Subduing Gate needs thugs, just call me, and I will definitely rush over immediately.” Leng Youlan laughed. “Hehe!” Chen Xiang kissed her Jianglong City Pill, which is so prosperous that many people would be jealous, we can handle it here. “”Um! When we go to heaven in the future, we won’t have so many things to do. “Shen Xiang kissed Xue Xianxian. Slot Games is the most intense. Xue Xianxian lay in Chen Xiang’s arms, and said softly: “Husband, you should go and busy yourself, your Jianglongmen is much more dangerous than ours , your dragon vein is being watched by many big forces BGaming, and you have an entrance, which is specially used to enter the mysterious realm, but the inside is empty and needs a little work to improve, but it has already moved in, and the aura is still very strong full-bodied. In the early morning, Xinxuan Realm absorbed spiritual energy from the outside, practiced kung fu together, and at the same time paid attention to the movements of some forces. Over the past month, Chen Xiang discovered that Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan were very mature in dealing with problems, which was obviously learned from Liu Menger, as

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