Text version of the mobile version: hot keywords: author: category: Long Huishan hastily sent a Spinmatic voice to Chen Xiang: “Don’t take out the Ice Dragon Sword, he can stop you in an instant!” Long An said again Hitting Long Huishan with a palm, his betting red evil dragon power made Long Huishan miserable, Chen Xiang frowned, and took out the Ice Dragon Sword! Seeing Chen Xiang take out the Ice Dragon Sword, Long Huishan closed her eyes in despair! Sure enough, as Long Huishan said, Chen Xiang was instantly restrained, unable to move, and Long An rushed over, grabbed the Ice Dragon Sword in Chen Xiang’s hand, and grabbed Chen Xiang’s ice dragon sword. Knock Fly, it all happens in an instant! Chen Xiang was slapped severely. In the eyes of Long Huishan and Long An, he should have died, but not only did Chen Xiang not die, but he even came to Long Huishan in an instant. Picking up Long Huishan, she stepped back to avoid Long An’s palm attack from a distance. Seeing that Chen Xiang was so cunning, Long An was furious and pulled out the Ice Dragon Sword. Suddenly, a cold wind blew up. At the same time, Long An laughed wildly: “Haha… the Ice Dragon Sword is mine now, I am the only one in the Long Family I can pull it out, haha…” But his laughter soon stopped, his face suddenly turned livid, and the Ice Dragon Sword was also thrown away by him! The moment Long An pulled out his sword, the cold power in the Ice Dragon Sword crazily poured into his body, and before Chen Xiang poured a large amount of drunken god poison into the Ice Dragon Sword, Long An One can imagine the poisonous gas pouring into the body at that time! Chen Xiang put down Long Huishan who was full of astonishment, took out the Qinglong Demon Slayer Knife that turned into a blue long sword, and walked over with a smile on his face: “If you can pull out the Ice Dragon Sword before you die, you should be able to die in peace !” Long An

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