The text version of the mobile phone version: hot keywords: author: category: only a few people know that Prince Shenglong was really killed by Chen Xiang, and Du Hai knew it very well. Chen Xiang was so impressed that he threw such a big scapegoat to Headmaster Tai Yuan! The Dragon Emperor and others also left the Saint Alchemy Realm immediately. I heard that the Dragon Emperor also got a treasure box from the Chaos Mountain with the Taiyuan Master. The treasure inside is very precious. No wonder the Taiyuan Master killed people. Because the Dragon Emperor was too angry, and he had already determined that Headmaster Taiyuan did it. At that time, Headmaster Taiyuan also thought that he had killed Prince Shenglong, so he didn’t refute it, and was directly bombarded and killed by Dragon Emperor. Although Chen Xiang escaped this catastrophe, there are no absolutes in the world. Leap is still wary of this matter being exposed in the future, because the Holy Dragon Prince was betked by him and the dragon blood. Although the power of the Holy Dragon can be concealed, But he definitely couldn’t hide it in front of the Dragon Emperor, so he had to continue to improve his strength. Up to now, those traitor forces in the premier league bet game in the heaven have all given up on Ditian, because they are reluctant to send strong people to Ditian, that is not their world now, and the demons will definitely break out there, so They took Ji Meixian away. They can only increase the power of the heavens to a higher level, and when they can go to Ditian in the future, they will launch an aggressive poker, Parimatch to suppress Ditian’s local forces, and 22Bet to carve up Ditian! Two months later, Chen Xiang passed through the sixth Nirvana Tribulation, and each beast statue in his body had six heavenly pills, all of which were obtained from eating the little holy dragon pill, allowing him to break through Paripesa all at once. up. Chen Xiang returned to that cave, and took out the three

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