List novel guide Chen Xiang doesn’t have Luotianmen, otherwise he would be able to locate and teleport with Paripesa, but according to his previous experience in the Holy Pill Realm, this place should be in the tenth floor area of ​​the Holy Pill Realm. The terrain of the Novel Guide Sandan Realm is like a ladder, the highest eighteen floors are the strongest, and the gravity is also very strong, but for people in the Nirvana Realm, real madrid said that there is no pressure from the Evolution game. “When Ditian was about to break up, those traitor forces must have seized the most precious resources, so the amount will not be too much. I think they should hide these things together!” Bai Youyou said: “Especially the immortal jade Immortal crystals, if they are concentrated and sealed, the more quantity the better, and the quality can be improved. The same is true for exotic flowers and plants.” “That’s right, only when they work together can they create a strong formation to protect those Things!” Su Meiyao also very much agreed. “It doesn’t matter, let me go to the highest level first, the whole world of holy pills must have undergone great changes! In the past, there would never be so many poker players coming out of Pragmatic Play in Chaos Mountain, but now there are tens of thousands. I think Chaos Mountain has already ruled this world of holy alchemy.” affiliate Chen Xiang took out the Chaos Fire Token, these Chaos Fire Tokens are related to that chaotic world, Long Xueyi said that it was recorded in the ancient book of her Royal Dragon Clan that those Chaos Mountains The people inside are likely to be Chaos Clan. Parimatch “I’m going to Tiansheng City to find a familiar Bet9ja!” Chen Xiang used the technique of transformation, turning his appearance into a middle-aged man, Betting concealed his aura, and then leaped into the air, stepping on the ground in the void, pilgrimage to the alchemy Run to the heights of the world. Tiansheng City is a large and important city in the eighteenth-story area, he said that NetEnt might not be able to be there

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