List Novel Guide Li Baojun’s flame is indeed very terrifying, because the livescore itself is the Five Elements Heavenly Fire, even Chen Xiang is ashamed, but if his Qiankun’s Fire can evolve into Qiankun’s Heavenly Fire, it is also very powerful. When the novel guide saw Li Baojun’s earnest appearance and practiced for a while, the alchemists became anxious. If it was really Xuanyu Snow Grass, it would be difficult for them to get it back, because it had already turned into a pill. If it was before, they might be able to add some crystals and buy them back. Now they all regret not stopping Li Baojun. Everyone in NetEnt is waiting patiently for the Slot Games, la liga, besides, it is very rare to see the release of Zhuyan Pill with your own eyes, not to mention that Paripesa is also a very strong alchemist who is making alchemy, and some alchemists present are all guessing , Li live betting Bao Jun may be a pill king. Li Baojun’s alchemy furnace is very stable, and the weak heat released is very stable, and the alchemist can tell at a glance that the situation inside is very stable. This is generally only the kind of high-level alchemist. Alchemy level. An hour later, Li Baojun’s inconspicuous alchemy furnace suddenly moved slightly, Li Baojun opened his eyes, smiled and said: “It’s already been refined, I’m lucky, I can condense two pills! The quality of Jade Snow Grass has dropped a lot, but I use the medicine spirit smelted from auxiliary medicinal materials to nourish the Xuan Jade Snow Grass to improve its quality, so that I can condense two pills! Opening the alchemy furnace, I saw two pale yellow alchemy kings floating out of it. Looking at the color and rich alchemy fragrance, one knew it was of high quality, and

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