“Let’s go, Leap!” Chen Xiang was suspended in the air, like an executioner in hell, although he had an incomparably monstrous Paripesa killing aura on his body, but it was not evil, and it even frightened the baccarat in hell! The majestic divine knife cut down, as if announcing the end of a demon’s life, this was a knife that Chen Xiang used all his strength to strike! “I’m not going to die!” The Lord of Thunder suddenly laughed wildly. Seeing that the sacred sword was about to be seen, his body suddenly swelled and became as huge as a hill, and at that moment suddenly champions The league shrinks, because the Lord of Thunder is devouring the power of the Thunder Purgatory! The divine knife slashed at the huge body of the Sky Thunder Demon Lord, and cut off an arm as thick as a giant tree. Chen Xiang gritted his teeth tightly, feeling extremely bitter in his heart. He didn’t expect that the Sky Thunder Demon Lord would suddenly become bigger and Swallowing most of the power in Tianlei Purgatory, let him waste this excellent opportunity! “Haha…” Tianlei Demon Lord laughed triumphantly: “You are really strong. If you can grow to the height of Ten Heavens Emperor, you will definitely surpass him, but you don’t have that chance!” BGaming Tianlei Demon The Lord returned to its original size and the arm of that passage melted into the ground! “I am invincible here, you are now in my body, you can’t kill me at all!” The severed arm of Lord Tianlei was born again. //Baidu wMozzartbetww.//? First Betway update? This time it’s his turn to fight back! “Give me your killing heart!” The Heavenly Thunder Demon Lord stretched out his black claws, piercing NetEnt Chen Xiang’s chest like lightning, and also piercing Chen Xiang’s BetWinner basalt diamond armor, which shows that this day

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