Chen Xiang knew that Duan Chong knew a lot about the lost history, so he hurriedly asked: “Old Duan, how much do you know about this Heavenly Thunder Purgatory?” Lord Thunder was the strongest in Nairabet among the top ten demon lords back then, so Betting invited nine other demon lords from BGaming to come here to ambush the Emperor of Ten Heavens. In the end, the other nine demon lords died, and only Sky Thunder lord survived. , he injured the Ten Champions League Heavenly Emperor, but he is not much better…” Duan Chong said what he knew, which was similar to what Huang Jintian said before, what Duan Chong knew was the same as Duan Chong, After listening, Yun Xiaodao and the others clapped their hands and cheered, because the ancient forces who helped the rumble Tianlei Demon Lord were finally used by the Tianlei Demon Lord as a shield, “So, these Demon Lords planned to slaughter God, didn’t they establish the Heaven Slayer Alliance, and they really succeeded in the end,” Chen Xiang sighed, not only killed the Heavenly Emperor, but also made Paripesa ten heavens disintegrate, Duan Chong shook his head and said: “This is my I don’t know, Ditian is not so easy to destroy, and after the ten-day emperor was seriously injured, it doesn’t mean that he will be slaughtered, he still has the strength to build the emperor’s tomb for himself, and then he has done many things… As for Ditian How it was decomposed, by whom, and what major events happened during that time, this is the answer that our Duan family has been looking for.” Chen Xiang looked at the surrounding mountains, which were originally green, but now they have become green. It’s all dead, the aura here is not as strong as before, this is not because this place has become a purgatory, it gives him the feeling that the power of this purgatory is gradually weakening

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