Chen Xiang also felt a little hairy at this time. It’s not that he has never seen a strange beast, but he has never seen such a dark one. If he and Long Xueyi hadn’t discovered this guy, maybe 1xBet would have been ambushed long ago. Grab it for a while, even if Chen Xiang has the Xuanwu Vajra Armor, he will definitely be seriously injured. “It’s approaching me.” Chen Xiang purposely ran on a level ground at a moderate pace, he purposely lured this phantom ghost eagle to attack him. “As long as it is within its attack range, it will attack immediately with live betting. This guy is very shrewd. It seems that he wants to kill Betway with one blow.” Long Xueyi sneered. Chen Xiang cursed secretly: “Which bastard sent out such a thing, don’t let me find him!” After more than half an hour, the phantom ghost eagle was getting closer and closer to him, and now it was directly above his head , if he swooped down to the Online Casino, his head could be smashed in an instant, but he could sense that this rumble was following him. “This thing is really dark, I almost didn’t notice it.” Chen Xiang was already ready, as long as the phantom ghost eagle came down, he could attack immediately. The Illusory Ghost Eagle couldn’t hold back anymore, Chen Xiang noticed the faint fluctuations in the aura above him, and he also sensed a kind of air flow, the Illusory Ghost Eagle was shooting down directly from the top of his head. The transparent illusory chelsa ghost eagle seems to be invisible, and has a superb concealment ability, it is difficult to sense its existence, but Chen Xiang can catch the movement of this illusory ghost eagle through the slight changes in the surrounding environment . Chen Xiang immediately took out the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Demon Knife, with the tip pointing upwards, his speed was very fast, just as he had just finished

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