Li Baojun stood there leisurely with his hands behind his back, looking at the blazing colorful sky fire at the intersection of Livescore Street, he also controlled the sky fire to turn it into a tall tower, pressurized ten Feng family old men into the roulette, and burned it with the sky fire them. “Pavilion Master, please be merciful, after all, it is not easy for them to reach this stage in cultivation!” A middle-aged man in black robe flew from the sky and landed beside Li Baojun. This person is the Surebet247 leader of Danmeng, Ye Heng! When Li Baojun saw Ye Heng coming, he immediately held the unicorn fan tightly, and glanced at him: “I don’t care, whoever made the mistake first, you all know it well, you think Jianglong Pill Pavilion is a soft persimmon, so just let it go.” Kneading wantonly! I won’t show mercy.” Li Baojun took out a blue three-legged giant tripod, and shouted, the giant tripod suspended in the air suddenly turned over, and the huge tripod’s mouth faced the small tower formed by the Five Elements Heavenly Fire on the ground Press down. “You…” Ye Heng was in a hurry, because the small tripod suddenly became smaller and was taken away by Li Baojun. “I won’t kill them, their life and death will be determined by my Jianglongmen’s head teacher!” Li Baojun gave Ye Heng a cold look: “You are the leader, you have witnessed this group of people oppressing me several times in Jianglongdan Pavilion, you What are your intentions? Are you with them? As the leader of the alliance, not only did he not lead the members to stop these people who violated the rules of Dancheng, but he even helped the evildoers.” Seeing Li Baojun holding the unicorn fan tightly, Ye Heng stepped back a few times. Step one, this Spinmatic fan coupled with Li Baojun’s Five Elements Heavenly Fire, the power can be imagined, just now he saw it with his own eyes, easily overwhelming ten strong Feng family. “Hmph, didn’t you just hit one of your shopkeepers? You just killed a Betking alchemy king. What is your shopkeeper?

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