Volume 3 Contents of Volume 3: The Quiet Little Thief Duan Sanchang was listening to the murderous conversations of these big guys, when suddenly a voice sounded in his mind, causing him to stumble. “Chang Zi, what is the origin of the demon queen? Ask her if she is willing to lead the group of fairies behind her to be my female slaves?” Chen Xiang really asked. Let the demon queen and the most powerful goblin in Yaoyun Cave be his female slaves? Duan Sanchang was frightened stupid, he was really worried that the demon queen would know about Chen Xiang’s sound transmission just now. There is also some anticipation for the reaction of the demon queen. “It’s so beautiful. If you want a butt, you want Liverpool to have a chest, and you want to have a face. Moreover, Chelsa has a group of little beauties as followers. Why does she look like Paripesa has been injured?” Chen Xiang asked again. Duan Sanchang took a deep breath for a while before he could calm down. “Bastard, that’s the demon queen from the Yaoyun Cave, who came down from the heaven, not to mention the demon queen from the heaven, even the little demon queen from the flashscore demon realm is very scary.” Duan Sanchang quickly responded. Chen Xiang didn’t take it seriously, and said with a smile: “What’s the matter? Roulette help me and ask her, what’s the name of the Pragmatic play?” Duan Sanchang snorted: “If you have to ask yourself, no one here dares to tease this demon queen, My life is not as tenacious as yours, I am very fragile.” “By the way, why didn’t you die?” “Am I like the kind of person who just dies in a man city?” Chen Xiang laughed. “Is that what you call casually? They all entered the Ten Heavens Holy Mountain, and the emperor of the Feng Baccarat family and the strong men of the Blood Wolf Monster Clan were all wiped out.” Duan Sanchang said angrily. “The eldest son of the Feng family deserves his death. The guy who chased me didn’t end up as good as NetEnt.” Duan Sanchang suddenly looked around, followed the divine power that Chen Xiang had left in his mind, and responded with his spiritual sense.

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