List Chen Xiang issued a reward order for missing persons in the hall, and many people here also posted such things, the highest reward was hundreds of millions of spars. look.. .Chinese,Chinese,Net Of course he didn’t use the longevity fruit as a reward for Nairabet, he just planned to use the longevity fruit to lure Li Baojun out, but the reward was not as low as BetWinner. Body pills, in the eyes of some urgently needed people in a certain Leap, are more precious than life-saving pills. The person-hunting reward order released by Chen Xiang said that he wanted to find an old man to appraise and help alchemy. There was a portrait of the old man on the reward order and an image of longevity fruit, which meant that the old man could refine the longevity fruit into alchemy. If he could find someone’s baccarat, Chen Xiang promised to give Danmeng a Xuanyuan Body Tempering Pill as Bet9ja’s reward, so Danmeng quickly spread the news. Li Baojun was recognized by no one, but Longevity Fruit was recognized by many old alchemists, especially those alchemy kings from the Tongtian family and the holy realm, who went in and out of the alchemy tower several times a day, wanting to meet Chen Xiang and see it with their own eyes. Look at the appearance of that longevity fruit. Eating the Longevity Fruit directly can increase the lifespan of ten thousand years. For many people who cannot break through, this is something that can change their fate. Endorphina increases the lifespan by 20,000 years, even a mortal can become a spirit after living 20,000 years, let alone a person who cultivates Taoism? There are many immortals in the Human Realm, all of whom came down from the heavens. Not to mention these immortals, even the giants of the powerful forces above the heavens, I am afraid they will snap up them like crazy. Practice can make people live longer, but it is not immortal, especially when they cannot break through their own cultivation, as long as they stagnate for too long, they will die of old Spinmatic quickly.

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