We are committed to creating the most complete free romance 97 words chelsa love is awesome o(≧v≦)o awesome welcome, [] novel search article/Chen Xiang has long known that Ji Meixian has many secrets in roulette, especially when she sees her kind When pure golden blood. Text bet game word 138 Reading Network Originally there were many majestic stone buildings here, but they were all destroyed for unknown reasons. At this time, those large and small icy cold stones overflowed with a burst of golden rays of light. These rays of light and Ji Meixian exudes the same as Paripesa. “Hey!” A strange voice came, and the ground trembled slightly. Ji Meixian waved her hands, and saw many large and small stones suddenly levitate. Ji Meixian made a move, her eyes were filled with golden light, and her whole body was surrounded by golden glow, like a goddess! “What casino slot power is this? These stones actually make me feel uneasy!” Chen Xiang looked at the boulders floating like hills in front of him, and secretly circulated his dragon power. “Whoosh!” Dozens of boulders, like hills, slammed into Chen Xiang, the speed was like a glow. When these dozens of golden boulders flew towards Chen Xiang, they suddenly fused together and turned into a huge mountain. The speed like man city light made it impossible for Chen Xiang to dodge, and he didn’t even have time to resist. . “Boom!” The huge mountain hit Chen Xiang’s powerful body, like hitting a god iron, the mountain shook violently, causing a roar. Chen Xiang was knocked into the air by that huge momentum, and his body stuck to a boulder, and that boulder also had the strange golden power of Ji Meixian. The giant mountain started again, flew into the air suddenly, and fell down violently. This huge rock was captured by Ji Mei

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