Now everyone deeply believed in Chen Xiang’s fake identity. In their view, only Li Tianbetting’s heir had so many rare elixir. (Plain text) The long-bearded Dan Wang looked at the bead flying up to the nine-death flower in a daze, even he was shocked. “Senior, hurry up and make a decision, or I will leave it to someone else.” Chen Xiang smiled. That Tan Sheng used one hundred life-returning pills, a large number of spars, and the entire heyday elixir shop as bets. Although the Feisheng Nine Dead Flower is a low-grade heaven, but if compared, the value is not bad at all. It is positioned as a low-grade heavenly grade, just because it is easier to refine. “A lucky fruit…” said the old man with long beard. Chen Xiang shook his head: “I have the Fortune Fruit, but it doesn’t appeal to me.” The long-bearded old man sighed, as if he had made a very important decision, and said: “Thirty pills of life-saving pills, one pill of mixed origin pills. Add some Hunyuan Pill’s herbs!” Everyone gasped, although Hunyuan Pill is sportier than many Hunyuan Vajra Pills, but the affiliate is also a heaven-level low-grade pill, an old guy in Nirvana A pill that is best used to improve strength. Thirty Life-Returning Pills are also very precious. Now everyone knows the background of these Pill Kings, and every Pill King has a lot of Life-Returning Pills by his side. “Okay!” Chen Xiang urgently needs to improve his cultivation now. The five beasts in his BetWinner dantian are like a bottomless pit, and only NetEnt can quickly fill it with this high Slot Games dan. “This old guy will definitely cry to death when he loses.” Su Meiyao smiled coquettishly. There is also a Pill King here, at this time he didn’t intend to bet with Chen Xiang, he just watched from the sidelines, obviously he had scruples in Betway, he was a very cunning guy. Shen

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