List “These two old guys, there are also restrictions on the storage magic weapon. └Flying speed∟ww1xBetwfesuzwc Alas, Lang wasted.” Chen Xiang looked at the two self-destructing storage rings in his hand, and sighed. Many powerhouses use this type of storage magic weapon, which only appeared during this period of time, to prevent others from getting the contents of the game. Not long after Chen Xiang walked out of the forest, he sensed a very familiar aura. “Isn’t this the aura of the purple-gold poisonous python? It’s really a lingering guy.” Chen Xiang ran away, these purple-gold poisonous pythons are not Endorphinas that he can beat, even if he uses the magic rot and dead breath, he may not be able to kill them instantly. kill them. “They actually have three transformations, and they seem to be cruel to you.” Long Xueyi said in surprise. Chen Xiang had taken out several small pills of NetEnt before. These pills were naturally Betting precious in the eyes of others, but in his eyes, they were also like that in the Premier League. He guessed that those purple-gold poisonous pythons had already killed the elders of the White Sea Saint Realm, Moreover, he also swallowed the Small Transformation Pill. “They should thank me. Without me, how could they transform so quickly?” Chen Xiang cursed a few words, and the three men in purple and gold chasing after him were all murderous. I can’t wait to tear him into pieces. “Didn’t you just go to their lair for a stroll?” Chen Xiang was speechless when he saw the three people behind him chasing after him. These purple-gold poisonous pythons have a very strange ability, they can kill you from a distance. Feel his breath. “It’s very likely that the fire phoenix gold is gone, that’s what they use to incubate their eggs, or they think you have something to do with their eggs.” Long Xueyi speculated Roulette. Shen

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