Provide classic quotations for online reading, download a large number of TXT e-books, please go to Select Background Color: Select Font Size: Text Category: Other Novels The Little Thief Title: Douding () provides downloads for you chelsa, romance novels, fantasy novels, Online reading and reading of various novels such as martial arts novels and science fiction novels. Chen Xiang was just upset, and didn’t make any moves. “Brother, you can’t speak so utterly. Chen Xiang is still very strong in the Chenwu Continent. He is the number one in alchemy, the number one young person, and even many giants have a very good relationship with Liverpool. I think the Tongtian family I’m afraid it will be difficult for my disciples to compete with him.” One person retorted. “Fart, the disciples of the Tongtian family practiced ancient techniques, and their strength is powerful. How can he compare?” The middle-aged man sneered: “If he is in front of me, I can immediately step on him, of course, The premise is that his master won’t do anything to me, and those giants made friends with him, mostly because his master is great!” Some people nodded in agreement, they thought that Chen Xiang was nothing more than that, let people, they have never seen Chen Xiang’s divine power with their own eyes people. Chen Xiang took a breath, and said lightly: “My master won’t do anything to you, come over and step on me, Betking!” His voice was flat, but it revealed a very simple and vicissitudes of power, his voice seemed to come from Heng Gu, makes people tremble, just his faint words, just Endorphina made the whole restaurant real madrid quiet down. After he finished speaking, there was an invisible aftermath of casino Slot accompanied by BGaming and Spinmatic, and the water in everyone’s wine glasses trembled slightly. Everyone followed the source of the sound, and saw a young man in white, who was light and refined, as if he had seen through the world of mortals, sitting there elegantly

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