Chen Xiang Parimatch did not leave Shiwan Mountain. Although there is a strong evil spirit inside, many places are safe and quiet. Now Chen Xiang is smelting the devoured power under a pitch-black mountain corner. w Since he practiced the Vulcan Art, he can smelt the swallowed power betting to the purest, so it won’t have any influence on him in the future. In Guling Land, outside a tent, a middle-aged man was greedily breathing in the fresh air here. At this moment, one of his subordinates suddenly came, with a serious face and a trace of horror. “Patriarch, young master…” the subordinate said here, swallowing his saliva. This patriarch is the patriarch of the clan, named Tong Forebet Tian. Since all the worlds in the world merged, he has led the clan to rule the entire world, and the power is very powerful. He also visited various forces with Yi before, declaring that They will not invade the human world. Tong Tian glared at the subordinate, and said in a deep voice: “What’s wrong with Livescore Yier? He should be instructing how to deal with Chenwu Continent now.” “He’s dead!” the subordinate took a deep breath and said, Then he took out a stone full of black cracks: “This is the natal stone of the young master, look…” Seeing this, Tongtian trembled all over, and suddenly became angry, and smashed the subordinate into pieces with one palm: “Come here! , Call all the elders and hold an urgent meeting!” “I have spent so much effort to cultivate Yi’er, and now it has been destroyed!” There was not much sadness throughout the day, but very angry, as if It was as if a beloved thing had been rotten by someone, he just wanted to know who rotted it, and then kill that Betting person to vent his anger on NetEnt. Soon, ten elders arrived.

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